't Vitamientje Nederland is proud partner of the clubhouse!

THU 24/10/19
't Vitamientje Nederland is proud partner of the clubhouse!

't Vitamientje

Provides Vitamins at Karting Genk...

The Vitamientje a dynamic and innovative company, where freshness, service, ordering convenience and quality are still paramount. But there is more. Because in addition to the wide range of fruits and vegetables, you will also find good customer service. We are always there for you! We have a young and fresh look, but with a high flexibility and that means uniformity. A local and dynamic supplier who speaks your language, whether seasonal products or the forgotten AGF products. For us the challenge to find the desired products for you.

't Vitamientje's range is: delivering fresh fruit and vegetables, of the highest quality, with perfect service, rightly at a good price.

We supply custom washed,peeled and cut vegetables and fruits. We cut in the desired sizes and pack in the desired volumes.

Our drive is also to inspire and, if desired, advise you every time. Whether it is about your menu planning, kitchen percentage, what products the current and upcoming season expects and in what quality.

6 days a week we make fresh purchases and select the best for you! Ordered today is delivered tomorrow.

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