Purchase your track fee online (mandatory)

From now on it will be mandatory to purchase your track fee online on the website. Track fee cannot be bought on the spot anymore. This only applies to kart owners.

Types of tickets

There are 3 types of tickets available :

Micro - Mini - 9hp

For Micro - Mini and 9hp karts, the price is €35.

They can drive for 20 minutes every hour. This will be reduced to 15 minutes if it's busy.

Junior - Senior - Shifters - DD2

For Junior - Senior -  Shifters and DD2 , the price is €55.

Normally they can drive 40 minutes every hour. This can be reduced when it's busy.

If you have a year license

Drivers that have a year license also have to buy an online ticket on the website. The price will be €1 which will be refunded in cash on the spot.

It's mandatory to bring your year license with you when you come to Karting Genk.

If you buy a ticket for someone with a year license and you don't have one, we will charge fine of €100.

Corona measures

For the moment, the corona measures still count. These measures can be found here. A face mask is also mandatory for all mechanics if they are on the pre-grid, the pit-lane and Parc Ferme area.

Drivers must wear their helmets as soon as they enter the Servicing Parc! The helmet may only be removed once the driver is back in the paddock.

Already registered for the rental karts?

Attention, a registration for the rental karts doesn't count as a registration as kart owner. You'll have to make a seconde account as kart owner.

Purchase your track fee now

Purchase your track fee here and we'll be happy to welcome you at Karting Genk. Attention : once you've bought your track fee, there's no refund possible.

You didn't receive a mail after you purchased your ticket? Be sure to check your spam as well!