A grand prix consists of a qualifation of 15 min., a starting grid and a final of 15 min. with a real F1 departure! The qualification determines your posistion in the starting grid.The one who completes the most laps during the final is the winner!

Duration Grand Prix

This package takes around 1,5h and consists of:

  • Sign-up 15 min.
  • Safety briefing & change 15 min.
  • Qualification 15 min.
  • Break 30 min. (indien gewenst)
  • F1 departure & final 15 min.
  • Possibility prize distribution & catering.


  • With this package you enjoy the exclusivity of the circuit.
  • Book this pacakge with or without break between the sessions.
  • Equipment rental is included. Flip-flops and heels are forbidden.
  • For a bite or a drink you can go to bistro A La Kart. For larger groups we offer group packages.
  • There is also always a stage available for a possible prize distribution.

Also possible

  • Extra karting session 15’: + € 18 p.p.
  • Set of trophies (for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place): + € 50
  • Cava: + € 26 a bottle
  • Kart simulator: price on request


Pre-registration is recommended (each participant). 
This can also still be done in the shop (via the kiosks), but this results in longer waiting times.


You must book this package in advance, using the reservation form below. This is possible in combination with catering.

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Reserveer dit arrangement steeds op voorhand via het reservatieformulier onderaan.

Fun circuit

550m lang x 7,5m breed

Rij tijd 15 + 15min.

Weekdagen: v.a. 10p
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Reserveer een arrangement met je groep.

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