Karting Genk will hosts an exciting championship in 2023: the Karting Genk Endurance Championship. With no less than 8 endurance races, durations vary from 2 hours till 10 hours, teams will compete against eachother to deceide who will be the 2023 champion. The season starts off with the 100 miles race on 10 March and the champions will be honored after the last 2 hour race on 10 November. 

The calendar

Race 1               10 March -100 miles
Race 2               25 March - 10 Hours Endurance
Race 3               21 April - 100 Miles
Race 4               9June - 100 miles (Reversed 100 miles) 
Race 5               7 September - 100 Miles
Race 6               16 September  - 6 Hours Endurance
Race 7               5 October - 100 Miles
Race 8               10 November - 100 miles 

The regulations
  • Every driver competing has to be at least 18 years old (with exception of the 6H and 10H  - for the conditions, see the dedicated pages of these races).
  • Each team gets awarded points for the position they finish in. For the 6 Hours and10 Hours, higher points are awarded. Competing in the 6H, and10H  will definitely increase your chanches of securing a good result in the championship.
  • You are not requiered to compete in all the races. But, the more races you compete in, the higher your chances of becoming champion.
  • Teams competing in the Karting Genk Endurance Championship have to exist out of at least 2 drivers. With an exception at the 100 miles races, those can be driven individually. The maximum amount of drivers for the 100 Miles races are 4 per team, for the other races 8 per team. 
  • Teams that wish to be ranked in the KGEC are required to be SWS-registrated.
  • The best 6 results of each team will count for the season results.
  • Click here to see the point distribution. 

The results 

Check the results here!

Sodi World Series

The events in the Karting Genk Endurance Championship calendar will be classified as SWS-events. For more information regarding the Sodi World Series, click here
We require the teams participating in the KGEC to be registered as SWS teams. Registration is free and competing in more races will increase to your change of going to the Sodi World Finals.

Feel free to contact events@kartinggenk.be if you have any questions.