Corona regulations kartowners ENG

Corona regulations kart owners ENG

Update 23/10/2020 : the circuit remains open for private and rental karts

 General rules
  • It is mandatory to wear a face mask on the terrain.
  • Per driver only one accompanying person is allowed. If the driver is a minor, a second accompanying person is allowed ( mechanic included )
  • No spectators are allowed on track
  • Always keep a distance of 1.5 meters between each other and regularly wash your hands with soap.
  • Cough or sneeze in a paper tissue or the inside of your elbow.
  • Don’t come to Karting Genk if you or one of your housemates feel sick.
  • We will provide plastic safety screens and disinfection gels in where necessary.
  • Mouth masks can be bought in the shop.
  • The restaurant has limited opening days and times. Only take away is possible when open. Check the website for the opening times.
  • These amendments are integrated in our track regulations. Please read the amended regulationscarefully before you come to the facilities

Extra measures

Toilets & Showers
  • Only the toilets in the paddock are open. These are disinfected regularly.
  • Desinfection gels are available
  • Showers and changing rooms remain closed.
Restaurant/ Bar
  • The restaurant has limited opening days and hours are restricted. Only take away is possible, with respect of the existing COVID-19 measures. Check the opening times via this link :,4,5&track=5


  • The grandstand is open. Respect the distance measures by using the yellow painted dots
  • The vending machines for canned drinks are operational



  • Please respect the social distancing rules in the paddock.
  • When you are not driving, stay with your kart and limit your movements throughout the facilities.
  • Tents have to be placed at least 2m from each other. Make sure to ventilate the tent sufficiently.
  • Tents and vehicles can remain overnight in the paddock area, with prior agreement of track management.
  • Follow the modified routings
  • Grandstands will be open, but please respect the distance of 1,5m between each other by using the yellow painted dots.
Track fee & signing on
  • It is mandatory to buy your track fee online. Onsite purchase is no longer possible.
  • Purchase your track fee tickets online. (mandatory from 16/05/2020)
  • Scanning of the online ticket will be done in the shop, entering through the right hand door.
  • Clients will have to wait in line by the fences of the shop, keeping in mind  the social distancing rules.
  • Do you have a year license for Karting Genk? Buy an online ticket for year license holders and show the ticket and your year pass in the shop.
  • After scanning your online voucher, you will receive a wristband that needs to be put on immediately.
Entrance & exit of the circuit
  • Please respect the modified routes and always keep your distance! FLOOR MAP
  • Accessing the track is to be done from the pre-grid. Use the marked pregrid positions in order to maintain your distance.
  • Mechanics or companions will have to wear a face mask. This is mandatory.
  • Trolleys have to be removed from the pre-grid and need to be placed on the proper side of the fencing where indicated.
  • Drivers will have to put on their balaclava and helmet before they enter the pre-grid. The return to the paddock happens through the exit of “Parc Fermé – uit”. They will keep their helmets on until exiting parc ferme.
  • Entering the track during training sessions is absolutely forbidden. Even during MINI sessions. Only in case of returning stranded karts, access is allowed. When regaining the pitlane, the kart needs to exit parc ferme as soon as possible.


GKS shop
  • The GKS shop is open. Only one person will be granted access at the same time.  Enter via the left hand door.
Kart Storage

Do you have a kart in our kart storage? Registrations for the kart storage have to be mailed at least one day beforehand (deadline 16h00 the day before) to Registrations past the deadline cannot be handled anymore.Your kart will be prepared in Parc Fermé (by the scales).

Other questions or enquiries?

For all other questions, please emal